Roland Thalmann and Matteo Badilatti show their qualities at the Giro dell Appennino UCI 1.1 in Italy!

The two Team Vorarlberg Santic riders are judged the best Continental riders in Italy yesterday. Thalmann is tenth, Badilatti finished 18th and thus 23 UCI points.

The Giro dell Appennino is one of the toughest one-day races in Italy. Many teams riding the Giro de Italia have retested their form. Thalmann and Badilatti were able to attack again in the final and ride in the front. In the sprint for fourth place it was not enough, but the sports director Marcello Albasini was very satisfied! It can go on like this!

Roster Team Vorarlberg Santic at Giro dell Appenino: Roland Thalmann, Matteo Badilatti, Davide Orrico, Manuel Bosch, Patrick Jäger, Dominik Amann


Giro dell Appennino (ITA) UCI 1.1 (22.04.2018)   

Next race:

GP Vorarlberg / Nenzing 1. Mai – ÖRV Radbundesliga (AUT)

Team Vorarlberg Santic Youngster Lukas Meiler wins at the Bavarian Mountain Championships – Patrick Schelling strong fifth place in Rennaz (SUI)!
Giro del Appennino (ITA) UCI 1.1 and Tour du Jura (FRA) UCI 2.2 as the next races!

Lukas Meiler was responsible for the third victory in this year for Austrian Team Vorarlberg Santic. After the successes of Jannik Steimle in Schönaich (GER) and Wels (AUT), won the 23-year-old German rider Lukas Meiler in Schweinelang over 84 kilometers in a man to man sprint. On second place Marcel Fischer (GER), third Christopher Schmieg (GER).

At the Sunday road price in Burggen (GER) over 96 kilometers Lukas Meiler is seventh and has also taken the lead in the Lightweight Heiss Cup in Bavaria!

Result 18. Allgäuer Straßenmeisterschaft – Bayrische Bergmeisterschaft 2018:

Patrick Schelling is getting stronger and stronger!
The Swiss Team Vorarlberg Santic Captain is after a great fight at the well-staffed race LÈnfer des Chablais in Rennaz (SUI) over 126 kilometers very good fifth and is now looking forward to the next big races. He feel more better and looks positive forward!


Next races:

Tour du Jura Cycliste (FRA) UCI 2.2 (21.-22.04.2018)

Giro dell Appennino (ITA) UCI 1.1 (22.04.2018)

Schelling with a lot of misfortune in the final – still ranked twelve in the middle of World Tour Team Rider!

The 79th edition of the French classic Paris – Camembert wore the mourning ribbon after the tragic death of the young Belgian Michael Goolaerts! The weather, as so often this year, was cloudy and rainy. After the start in Saint Germain Village was allowed to three riders. As the 196 kilometer race continued, Team Vorarlberg Santic Pros also showed themselves at the very front of the field – the outliers are set – a new start follows.

Patrick Schelling and Jannik Steimle – super strong and unfortunately a lot of bad luck!
In the final of the ultra-hard race over muddy cobblestone passages and poisonous climbs, the field selected in smaller groups. The French Pro and Tour de France stage winner from last year Lilian Calmejane (Direct Energie) makes his way solo and win the race for himself after a strong ride. Behind them Madouas (FDJ), Vendrame (Androni) and Team Vorarlberg Santic captain Patrick Schelling attack on the last mountain and come away. An unfortunate circuit defect at the end of the climb throws Schelling back. His opponents are second and third! Schelling is overtaken by the chasing group and is in the fight for fourth place still excellent twelfth!

Similarly strong and with much bad luck on the tires the young Jannik Steimle!
One kilometer before the last climb then also at Steimle defect. Thus, no chance to stay in the top group. Steimle filled up and ready for a top rank at the top.

“What the riders showed here today was all honorable. The result today does not reflect the performance. Steimle and Schelling would have been able to ride into the hearts of the French fans, but the success will be soon! ” says the sporting director Werner Salmen after the race!

The Luck come back in next races!

Rooster Team Vorarlberg Santic: Patrick Schelling, Roland Thalmann, Lukas Meiler, Martin Meiler, Jannik Steimle, Manuel Bosch, Davide Orrico


Next races:
Tour du Jura Cycliste (FRA) UCI 2.2 (21.-22.04.2018)  
Giro dell Appennino (ITA) UCI 1.1 (22.04.2018)

13 Team Vorarlberg Santic riders have started in the best conditions for the traditional race in Upper Austria. Joeri Stallaert (viral disease), Patrick Jäger (knee problems) and Lukas Rüegg, who is in action at the U23 Flanders Tour, had to pretend. The cast in the race over 171.6 kilometers was very good and international this year.

Immediately after the start it was clear which teams will fight for the day’s victory today. Shortly before the mountain classification, a two-man leading group was able to break away from the field. This duo with Team Vorarlberg Santic rider Roland Thalmann was able to gain a lead of up to three minutes. Back in the field, the race was controlled by the larger teams.

Only on the last two final laps the top riders were asked. In the last climb, the race was restarted again and the Team Vorarlberg Santic have attacked again. Decided was the very fast race in the sprint.

Jannik Steimle (GER / Team Vorarlberg Santic) wins ahead of Roc Korosec (KRO / My Bike Stevens) and Timon Loderer (GER / Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang). Gian Friesecke is ninth.


A really strong performance yesterday from the Team. Now the Team is on the way for the next french big Classic race. Paris – Camembert UCI 1.1 waiting for the riders. They also want win a big Camembert Cheese – the wining price of tomorrow!

Paris – Camembert (FRA) UCI 1.1 – 10.04.2018

Jannik Steimle wins for Vorarlberg Santic in Schönaich (GER)!

Hard and difficult eastern races in France and Slovenia!
On Sunday, the “cherry blossom race in Wels!”

The four heavy French one-day races ended on Sunday with the ranks 27 (Patrick Schelling) and 29 (Roland Thalmann) at La Roue Tourangelle UCI 1.1 from Chautet Renault to Tours (200 km).
Lukas Meiler was the strongest rider in the GP Adria Mobil UCI 1.2 in Nove Mesto over the 184 kilometer race (SLO).

Youngster Jannik Steimle wins spring race in Schönaich (GER)!
Yesterday it was enough for the victory for Vorarlberg Santic. At the 44th edition of “Rund um Schönaich” Jannik Steimle was able to fix the victory with a strong finish. He wins solo in front of Alexander Krieger (Leopard) and Jonathan Dinkler (Team Thüringen). In 15th place in the race over 144 kilometers and great scenery for Daniel Geismayr!


The Cherry Race in Wels next Sunday!
With the almost complete team, the most traditional race in Austria is waiting to ride on Sunday. The cherry blossom race is not one of the most beautiful, but also one of the toughest races in Austria. The ill Joeri Stallaert, as well as the Swiss Lukas Rüegg (national team mission at the U23 Flanders Tour), will not be there. However, 14 Team Vorarlberg Santic riders will do their utmost to win the victory in Vorarlberg.

Next races:

Kirschblütenrennen Wels (AUT) 08.04.2018

Paris – Camembert (FRA) UCI 1.1 – 10.04.2018