Coronavirus paralyzes the sports world and team Vorarlberg Santic – Int. Istrian Spring Trophy and Austrian League opening canceled with immediate effect!

The joy about the government decision that the Istrian Spring Trophy will be carried out under certain conditions was only brief. The Vorarlberg Santic team traveled to Umag (Croatia) to learn at the same time that the government was not allowed to start the race!

Likewise, the Austrian League opening in Leonding (AUT) on March 22 was canceled.

The team will return to Vorarlberg tomorrow to avoid any transit problems.

It is currently not clear how it will go on since the Tour du Normandie (starts at 23th March) in France was stopped yesterday.

Currently a high challenge for the economy, sport and the entire environment.

Health and the common good are currently clearly in the foreground.

But: The Vorarlberg Santic team does not stop, looks ahead positively and will be prepared for the next possible race!


We wish all partners, Sponsors, fans and the sports world the best and hope that the situation will come better soon!

How long the Team Vorarlberg Santic professionals can still “professionally” practice their job is currently in the stars, as are many other agendas in Europe.

This morning the positive information from Croatia that the 17th Istrian Spring Trophy UCI 2.2 can start as scheduled tomorrow Thursday. The team captains Roland Thalmann and Colin Stüssi then set off towards Umag on the Mediterranean coast. The other part of the team has been in Umag for several days.

The Croatian government gave the OK to the race on the condition of spectator-free zones.

Stage plan:

12.03. Prologue Umag – Umag 1 KM

13.03. Stage 1 Porec – Labin 161 KM

14.03. Stage 2 Fazana – Vizinada 162 KM

15.03. Stage 3 Pazin – Umag 130 KM

Roland Thalmann: “At the moment it is not easy to keep a clear focus on cycling, but it is still our job. We are now happy to start in Croatia. We have all invested a lot in the preparation and now we have to make the best of the situation. Think ahead and hope for a timely relaxation of the situation. We have to fight! ”

Info Istrian Spring Trophy:

Squad Team Vorarlberg Santic: Roland Thalmann, Colin Stüssi (SUI), Martin Meiler, Johannes Schinnagl (GER), Jack Burke (CAN), Felix Meo (NZL);

Alexis Guerin is fourth on the tour!

Today the Team Vorarlberg Santic riders took out the “sheet medal”!

Stüssi, Thalmann, Guerin, Orrico and Meiler dominated today’s final stage over 165 kilometers and burned off their fireworks. Approx ten riders were supposed to take the almost certain victory by three minutes. Among them Thalmann, Guerin and Stüssi. Together with a Uno X pro from Norway, Stüssi comes to Rhodes town after a long flight towards the destination. The two are placed exactly at the 1000 meter mark! Winner of the stage again from Team Jocker Sören Waerenskjold NOR).

Alexis Guerin is fourth overall. Colin Stüssi also remains in the top ten and second in the mountain classification!

Ridden super strong, but not (yet) won. The Istria Spring Trophy will continue in Croatia next Friday! ”


Infos Tour of Rhodos

Squad Team Vorarlberg Santic: Roland Thalmann, Colin Stüssi (beide SUI), Alexis Guerin (FRA), Davide Orrico (ITA), Lukas Meiler (GER);


The second stage of the Tour of Rhodes UCI 2.2 over 156 kilometers, starting and finishing in the capital city Rhodes, was shaped by the raceing style of the Vorarlberg Santic team. No group left without the team. First it was Lukas Meiler and Davide Orrico that shone in front. In the final, French newcomer Alexis Guerin makes off the field and is only shortly before the finish line as a soloist. Lukas Meiler is now also at the front in the overall mountain classification.

In the sprint of the field, Colin Stüssi finished eighth today as yesterday. But moves up to fifth in the overall individual ranking. The Norwegians are very strong and win the stage through Erlend Blikra (Uno X Team). Overall leader was his compatriot Soren Waerenskjold (Team Joker).

But the view is on tomorrow’s last stage. This is difficult with 164 kilometers and 2100 vertical meters. The cards for the final classification are played here. With Thalmann, Stüssi, Guerin and Meiler the team have a few in your hand.


Infos Tour of Rhodos

Squad Team Vorarlberg Santic: Roland Thalmann, Colin Stüssi (beide SUI), Alexis Guerin (FRA), Davide Orrico (ITA), Lukas Meiler (GER), Joeri Stallaert (BEL);

Only one defect prevents Colin Stüssi’s podium at the start of the Tour of Rhodes UCI 2.2 – Captain Thalmann continues to do well after a crash!

That would have been almost a spot landing today on the first stage in Rhodes. Colin Stüssi was very strong and finished eighth after 150 kilometers with a finish in Maritsa. The Swiss caught a massive bump 150 meters before the finish and crashed his rear wheel in second position.

“That would have been it, but the tour lasts two days and tomorrow there will be an attack. Because Roland Thalmann was also one of the “battered” today. He falls at the foot of the climb and can continue with abrasions. The other riders then returned to him and were able to make up for the long backlog in a very short time. The shape fits, billing takes place on Sunday!

Werner Salmen (sporting director)


Infos Tour of Rhodos

Squad Team Vorarlberg Santic: Roland Thalmann, Colin Stüssi (beide SUI), Alexis Guerin (FRA), Davide Orrico (ITA), Lukas Meiler (GER), Joeri Stallaert (BEL),

Team Vorarlberg Santic but already strong as a team!

With a Norwegian double victory (Blikra (Uno X-Team) before Dahl (Joker)) the Int. Rhodes Grand Prix ends in mass sprint. The Swiss Colin Stüssi finished at 10th place.

However, the Vorarlberg Santic Team was one of the most active in the 186 km race and was not fully rewarded for this. However, the Team are in good spirits to be at the forefront of the Tour of Rhodes UCI 2.2. 

“If they hadn’t taken the climb out of the race before the finish, only a smaller group would arrive. Would have been better for us, but in any case it was a very good performance today. The boys are fit. ”Werner Salmen – Sport Director


Info Rhodes Grand Prix:

Team Vorarlberg Santic: Roland Thalmann, Colin Stüssi (both SUI), Alexis Guerin (FRA), Davide Orrico (ITA), Lukas Meiler (GER), Joeri Stallaert (BEL), Maximilian Kuen (AUT)


And it goes on in Greece and Croatia!

Next Thursday the team will start on a criterion in Rhodes town. The Int. Rhodes tour UCI 2.2, which ends on Sunday.

Info Tour of Rhodes 

Tomorrow the second part of the team is going to Croatia. Wednesday March 4th the Int. Umag Trophy UCI 1.2. Daniel Federspiel had to postpone the journey due to illness, but will also join the team.

Team Vorarlberg Santic Croatia: Dominik Amann, Linus Stari, Daniel Federspiel (all from AUT), Jack Burke (CAN), Raphael Kockelmann (LUX), Felix Meo (NZL), Martin Meiler, Hannes Schinnagel (boths from GER)