A look behind the scenes of the professionals in their longest preparation time of their career!

The professionals of the Vorarlberg Santic team continue their training despite Corona times – a look behind the scenes in their longest preparation time of their career!

The cycling pro`s are used to prepare very conscientiously and long-term in their capacity as endurance athletes. In this season 2020, the preparation time will be longer than any previous competition season.

It is currently extremely difficult for the athletes to maintain the tension and the intensity accordingly. A restart is currently difficult to estimate. Likewise, many companies and the entire economy are hit hard. All closely related to sport.

We would like to give a look at individual professionals in our team, what are they currently doing. Here are some short reports on how they stay active. In the supplement, appropriate images from your private environment.

Daniel Geismayr (AUT):

“I try to keep fit despite everything and of course I do a lot of indoor. This is a bit easier with the new virtual options such as Zwift bike training on my Kinetic Roller. Stabilization, strength and role training are the order of the day. In addition to these units, I am currently paying more attention to my diet anyway to optimally care for the immune system. I cook a lot, bake healthy bread, etc. … to strengthen the body. At the moment, I can also motivate myself quite well with new challenges so that I can be fit again when it starts again!”


Linus Stari (AUT):

“I start the day with a healthy breakfast, then I can usually be found on the exercise mat. After stretching exercises much more like I did the latest news in the media. In the afternoon I try to keep fit with units on the bike. Here I am deliberately careful and limit myself here to a minimum, especially when it comes to risk taking. In addition, I try to keep myself up-to-date with exercises (which are usually neglected), the fascia role and a healthy diet! “


Dominik Amann (AUT):

Short and sweet as always Dominik: “In addition to my indoor and cycling training on my Argon18 Nitrogen Disc Bike, I am now also increasingly dedicating myself to my distance learning business informatics!”

Felix Meo (NZL) – lives and trains in Vorarlberg:

“I am very happy that I can live and train here in Vorarlberg. I normally live in Milano. In Italy it is currently very difficult as a professional cyclist with the restrictions. The team enables me, despite the special time, to be able to develop as an athlete. There is no better training region than Vorarlberg. Of course – I also do a lot of indoor activities and have a lot of time to think about life!”

Jack Burke (CAN) – lives and trains in Vorarlberg:

“Corona gave me the opportunity to focus only on the important things. Life is easier now. I appreciate the opportunities that arise. I am thankful that I can train and am hidden in a small farmhouse in the mountains. So we are isolated, have a fixed daily routine and appreciate nature here. Before I start racing again, I also concentrate on other things like writing and reading!”

Maximilian Kuen (AUT):

“Quite a similar time to the preparation period in early November. Instead of racing, we had complete isolation in Tyrol. Lots of stability and strength exercises and of course training on my Kinetic Rooler. Recently we have been allowed to go back to nature and train outside. And honestly, everything has its good sides. You already think at breakfast what you can try at the dinner table. With my girlfriend I got the apartment and the garden in good shape. Until we start racing again, we will be covering many kilometers. The motivation will certainly not decrease if we let go of the lines!

The entire Vorarlberg Santic Team wishes everyone a lot of staying power during this time – stay healthy!