Alexis Guerin eighth on second stage of the Tour of Rhodes!

Alexis Guerin eighth on second stage of the Tour of Rhodes – Dane Bendixen also today not to bend!


After 153 kilometers today 60 riders have lined up for the sprint in Afantou. Also today a class of its own the extremely strong driving Dane Louis Bendixen of Team Coop, who could now also extend the overall lead by time bonus something. In eighth place today Alexis Guerin.


Not much has changed in the overall standings. Lukas Meiler is still in second place, ahead of Alexis Guerin. Riccardo Zoidl is also in fifth position. In the team classification, Team Vorarlberg now leads the ranking in a commanding manner.


“Today’s terrain was not difficult enough to work out a decision. Team Coop entered into a cooperation with another team to get into the sprint and keep us at a distance. Tomorrow we will muster everything possible. We came here to train well, and to fight for a podium. This should now be possible and continue to work seriously!” said Sports Director Werner Salmen


24.03. Prologue Ialyssos 3,8 Km

25.03. Rhodes – Kalamonas 138,5 Km

26.03. Rhodes – Afantou 153,5 Km

27.03. Rhodes – Maritsa 150,2 Km


The last meters will decide the overall victory – Youngster Duo at austrian cycling league!

On the final laps with finish in Martisa tomorrow after 150 kilometers the overall winner will be decided. One may be curious with which tactics the sporty leader and strategist Werner Salmen sends its Cracks into the running. One thing is clear – it will be attacked!


Also tomorrow the Austrian cycling league will be opened in Leonding. Nikolas Riegler had to cancel shortly before departure. Thus the Youngesters Linus Stari and Dominik Amann represent the team Vorarlberg colors.





Squad Int. Tour of Rhodes: Alexis Guerin, Riccardo Zoidl, Roland Thalmann, Colin Stüssi, Martin Meiler, Lukas Meiler, Mathias Reutimann;

Rhodes, Greece / March 25, 2022 / Stage 1 (138.5 km) of the International Tour of Rhodes / Photo: Nassos Triantafyllou