Brilliantly done! Alexis Guerin finishes the Tour of Bulgaria in second place overall!

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Brilliantly done! Alexis Guerin finishes the Tour of Bulgaria in second place overall, Roland Thalmann fourth overall – Alexis Guerin also wins the overall mountain classification!

The last stage of the six-day tour from Chirpan to Momchilgrad over 159 km wrote his own stories today. After about an hour of racing, a big crash occurred in the peloton in which Alexis Guerin, Roland Thalmann and the overall leader of the Tour also went down.

On the penultimate climb, the leading group was caught by the peloton and the pace was kept very high by the riders of Team Vorarlberg, so that the peloton became smaller and smaller. At the beginning of the last climb there were only 10 riders left who could decide the day’s victory among themselves.

Alexis Guerin in second place in the overall classification of the Tour – Roland Thalmann in fourth place!

In the downhill, the Pole Szymon Rekita (Voster ATS Team) was able to break away from the other riders and take the day’s victory.

In the overall classification of the Tour, Alexis Guerin moves up to second place and Roland Thalmann to fourth. Alexis Guerin defends the lead in the overall mountain classification.  In the team classification, the team from Vorarlberg came in second place.

Squad: Linus Stari, Roland Thalmann, Colin Stüssi, Lukas Rüegg (DNF), Alexis Guerin, Lukas Meiler (DNF);



After a one-day break, the Team Vorarlberg riders will continue in Bulgaria with the next two-day Tour. On 03-04.09.2022 “In the Footsteps of Romans UCI 2.2” will take place.


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