Colin Stüssi (2nd) and Patrick Schelling (3rd) with strong performances at hardest UCI 1.2 races in Austria!

Only the experienced Pole Maciej Paterski (Wibatech) was stronger today than Team Vorarlberg Santic. In the heavy road race in Styria (Gratwein-Straßengel) over 185 kilometers, the two Swiss Colin Stüssi and Patrick Schelling took the ranks two and three.

Stüssi missed 20 seconds to first place. Schelling followed shortly thereafter. Maximilian Kuen fixes a super strong team result with sixth place and thus secures second place behind Stephan Rabitsch in the overall ranking of the Austrian League!

Victory in the team- and mountain classification!

The race was very busy internationally. Many World Championchips  participants from Yorkshire used this UCI race as a test! 15 nations from all over Europe at the start, but dominated over the entire race Thalmann u. Co. “Roli” the Team Vorarlberg Santic machine has been in the lead since the start of the race and wins the mountain classification. After his capture shortly before the final Colin Stüssi took over the scepter. He just had to bow to the Pole. Then Patrick Schelling. Strong also Lukas Meiler, who delivered a good job as 16th. With the victory in today’s team standings, the team is now already ranked second in the overall standings.

Three riders in the top six and 65 UCI points – good Sunday guys!

Roster Team Vorarlberg Santic: Patrick Schelling, Roland Thalmann, Colin Stüssi, Maximilian Kuen, Davide Orrico, Lukas Meiler, Larry Valvasori;



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