Dominik Amann with courage on the final stage of the Tour of Antalya UCI 2.1

Final stage of the Tour of Antalya UCI 2.1 – Dominik Amann with a strong performance on the Mediterranean

40 kilometers after the start, six riders are able to break away. And once again a Team Vorarlberg rider, Dominik Amann, is among them. The group harmonizes well. The 24-year-old Dominik Amann, already in his seventh year in the squad, is able to secure classification points and is caught by several groups in the last third of the race.

Day of disillusionment – but the direction is right

Dutch rider de Vries (TDT-Unibet) won the stage. Overall winner of the tour is the Italian Davide Piganzoli (Team Politi-Kometa). Dominik Amann finished 51st in the final stage and was delighted with his performance. His teammates were unable to compete at the front today.

Werner Salmen – Sports Director:Today you could see the lack of race kilometers. The big teams simply rode a gear faster on the climbs. It’s still very early in the season and we knew that we shouldn’t expect anything here. The first few days were very good within the limits of our capabilities. Today we were inferior. Nevertheless, everyone fought, rode actively and finished the tour. Now we have to keep working on that!”

Return journey and on to Rhodes at the end of February!

Tomorrow Team Vorarlberg travels back home before heading to Rhodes at the end of February.  Two tours (Visit South Aegean Islands Tour, Tour of Rhodes) and two one-day races await them there.


Overview of stages

08.02. Stage 1 Side – Antalya 135 km

09.02. Stage 2 Demre – Antalya 140,5 km

10.02. Stage 3 Kemer – Tahtali 133,5 km

11.02. Stage 4 Antalya – Antalya 183,9 km


Team Vorarlberg Tour of Antalya UCI 2.1 squad: Dominik Amann, Tomoya Koyama, Lukas Meiler, Felix Stehli, Colin Stüssi, Jon Knolle;

“Keep on riding!


Press service Team Vorarlberg