Early stop after hard crash from Felix Meo.

Team Vorarlberg Santic has to give up the record hunt at the Race Around Austria after a hard crash from Felix Meo!

At 510 km, your breath stands still in the pace car. The young New Zealander Felix Meo wants to turn left, suddenly a car appears in the side mirror and drives it down from behind at high speed. The rescue brings Meo to the hospital for a health check. Fortunately, the first fears of numerous fractures were confirmed. Nevertheless, the likeable Kiwi was hit hard. He breaks his left wrist and metacarpal, as well as extensive abrasions and two tears in muscles on his back and thigh.

Company Track record ended abruptly – Team Vorarlberg Santic has to finish the race!
Daniel Geismayr, Johannes Schinnagel, Jack Burke and Felix Meo were fully on track to set the course record. At the time of the fall, the Vorarlberg Santic was right on schedule for under 60 hours.

Geismayr, Schinnagel and Burke in unison: “We had a goal and we clocked it perfectly. It worked better and better until the stop. We got lost five times in the first 200 kilometers. It just got better and the Argon18 machines with Profile Design impellers ran like never before.. The team and we have invested a lot in a very short time. It would have been impossible for three because of the short sleep times. Because we want to perform again at the championships and the Tour of Hungary. It was super hard for us to break off, if only because it is such a cool experience to drive at night. But also because of the new team structure and many experiences! ”

We want to come back and attack!
Not only the riders, but also the nine-person support team, which was on duty 24/7, would like to be back in 2021.
Thomas Kofler and Werner Salmen: “We have learned a lot these days and are planning the RAA for 2021. Perfectly organized race with a lot of heart and passion for cycling – and with a lot of enthusiasm on the routes. And yet this decision was correct due to the further season planning in consultation with the athletes. We wish all other RAA participants a good finish and thank the organizer for the effort in this very special time – we were there with enthusiasm. We hope that Felix will get back on his bike quickly – he would like to start again in 2021! ”

Riders: Daniel Geismayr, Johannes Schinnagel, Jack Burke, Felix Meo
RAA supervisory team: Nico Berton, Stefan Ivanov, Werner Salmen, Gerald Kofler, Jürgen Schatzmann, Fabian Schmid, Daniel Gassner, Johannes and Thomas Kofler