Incredible! Jannik Steimle sprints to the stage victory and brings Team Vorarlberg Santic in the yellow jersey of the 10th Int. Upper Austria tour UCI 2.2!

“One of the hardest races of my career. In the meantime I had cramps and problems with the circulation in this heat. But also my competitors – this I noticed. Today I won with my will and I wanted this victory! “Jannik Steimle commented his win over 185 kilometers from Wels to Reichersberg (AUT).

After the first hour of race, a top group has formed around Steimle. In the end, five riders remained in the lead with more than four minutes of lead on the peloton.

Jannik Steimle wins after a total attack!
After the attack by the Norwegian Hoelgaard (Uno-X-Norwegian Devo), the four riders can close the gap. The dangerous curve 50 meters before the finish was to the taste of Steimle. He is the first in the curve and wins. Second Stephan Rabitsch (Felbermayr Simplon Wels).

Steimle also takes the lead in the overall standings (and the points classification) with a 10 second lead on Rabitsch! That means for the next days: a lot of work and drudge for the whole team – and at 35 degrees and more.

Roster: Daniel Geismayr, Davide Orrico, Jannik Steimle, Maximilian Kuen, Colin Stüssi, Jose Manuel Gallego Diaz