Jannik Steimle man of the day!

Yesterday was a good day for Team Vorarlberg Santic!

Jannik Steimle is on the stage in Rumelange / Luxembourg Seventh at the first of the 69th Fleche du Sud Tour UCI 2.2. He also takes the jersey of the best mountain rider. Steimle was more than 100 kilometers in the lead group and showed great strength. He is currently fifth in the overall standings!
Roster Team Vorarlberg Santic: Gian Friesecke, Manuel Bosch, Patrick Jäger, Johannes Hirschbichler, Martin Meiler, Jannik Steimle

Results 2. Etappe: https://www.procyclingstats.com/race/fleche-du-sud/2018/stage-2

Strong also the young Swiss team Vorarlberg Santic professional Lukas Rüegg – third at the prologue in Poland!

At the circuit race last night in Legnica City, Rüegg took the strong third place and is third overall in the 53rd CCC Grody Tour UCI 2.2. This tour is very well filled and ends as well as the tour in Luxembourg this Sunday!
Roster Team Vorarlberg Santic: Lukas Rüegg, Patrick Schelling, Matteo Badilatti, Roland Thalmann, Davide Orrico, Lukas Meiler

A tough double program for the team!