Jumbo-Visma wins at the 10th GP Vorarlberg in Nenzing

Adria Moreno in sixth place in the world-class field!

Such a high-caliber lineup had the entire austrian league in recent years never as a guest. 200 starters from 14 nations have kept what was announced. The selective circuit over almost 18 kilometers in the 162 kilometer (2000 meters of altitude) long race, with the climb up the Rönsberg was the yardstick. Indication for it the record average of 43,3!

Fortin must let tear at the Rönsberg very narrowly!

The leading group with two Team Vorarlberg professionals around Lukas Meiler and Markus Wildauer, determined for a long time the pace in the race. However, they never really let go. In the second last lap the attack of Antoine Debons, the newcomer from Switzerland in Team Vorarlberg (see below). But his attack is also leveled. On the last climb then the full resolution on the mountain. Jumbo-Visma and also Team Vorarlberg tried everything to look for the decision. However, “Vorarlberg” sprinter Filippo Fortin missed by a hair’s breadth the group at the end of the climb. Otherwise, it is quite likely that Team Vorarlberg would have cheered today. What if, but today they were razor-thin!

Dutchman Mick van Dijke wins solo!

Tension to the end in the race in cool but dry weather. The 21 year old from Jumbo-Visma Team wins five seconds ahead of Slovenian Matevz Govekar (Tirol Cycling). In third place the next Jumbo rider with Rick Pluimers (NED). Best Team Vorarlberg pro is Adria Moreno Sala in sixth place. Thalmann is 13th. Daniel Ganahl finishes in his second professional race with Fortin in the second group.

Swiss Antoine Debons made his debut!

Last week, the last spot in the squad was filled by 23-year-old mountain-fast Antoine Debons. He has been a pro with the IAM-Excelsior and Akros-Excelsior teams, respectively, for the past two years.

The race was broadcast live by Studio K19 for over four hours and streamed on the Internet. Numerous online platforms from Austria, but also from abroad, picked up the signal and broadcast it as well. Cycling is on everyone’s lips!

Squad: Dominik Amann, Linus Stari, Daniel Ganahl (AUT-VBG), Max Kuen, Nikolas Riegler, Lukas Meiler, Colin Stüssi, Roland Thalmann, Antoine Debons, Filippo Fortin, Felix Meo, Adria Moreno, Markus Wildauer;

Result: https://www.computerauswertung.at/veranstaltungen/2021/210501/20210501_GP_Vorarlberg_-_OeRV_Radliga_Elite_U23.pdf

Next race: 14-16.05. Tour d’Eure et Loir (FRA) UCI 2.2

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