Latest News: Coronavirus puts the Vorarlberg Santic team out of action!

Coronavirus paralyzes the sports world and team Vorarlberg Santic – Int. Istrian Spring Trophy and Austrian League opening canceled with immediate effect!

The joy about the government decision that the Istrian Spring Trophy will be carried out under certain conditions was only brief. The Vorarlberg Santic team traveled to Umag (Croatia) to learn at the same time that the government was not allowed to start the race!

Likewise, the Austrian League opening in Leonding (AUT) on March 22 was canceled.

The team will return to Vorarlberg tomorrow to avoid any transit problems.

It is currently not clear how it will go on since the Tour du Normandie (starts at 23th March) in France was stopped yesterday.

Currently a high challenge for the economy, sport and the entire environment.

Health and the common good are currently clearly in the foreground.

But: The Vorarlberg Santic team does not stop, looks ahead positively and will be prepared for the next possible race!


We wish all partners, Sponsors, fans and the sports world the best and hope that the situation will come better soon!


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