Next Podium for the Team Vorarlberg Santic!

58th Burgendland Tour Jannik Steimle sprints to third place – Gian Friesecke with eighth place and Patrick Schelling in twelfth place ensure good team results again // Steimle with victory on Saturday in the circuit race!
For the oldest cycling classic in Austria (3rd race in the context of the Rad Bundesliga), Jannik Steimle was in third place. Compared to the fast-moving Riccardo Zoidl (Ex Trek Segafredo) today was no herb. Nevertheless, again a deserved podium in the Rad Bundesliga. Yesterday Steimle won the “warm up” test in Horitschon in front of Slovenian Rok Korosec.

Continental Wels against Vorarlberg – thrilling even in the final until the finish!
The race over 171 kilometers with start and finish in Burgenland (Horitschon – near Vienna) again determined the teams of Wels and of course the pros of Team Vorarlberg Santic. 16 riders, including five from Felbermayr Wels, as well as the winner of the GP Vorarlberg Gian Friesecke, Lukas Meiler, Patrick Schelling and Jannik Steimle were all in front against the end of the race. A five-man group then put the stamp on the race. Jannik Steimle had to fight with Riccardo Zoidl, Lukas Schlemmer (Felbermayr Wels), Helmut Trettwer (WSA) and Dominik Hrinkow (Hrinkow Advarics).

Zoidl wins ahead of Schlemmer – third place for Jannik Steimle!
At the last mountain Zoidl attacks and rides towards a solo victory. Although Jannik Steimle has to bow to Lukas Schlemmer in the sprint for second place, he can be more than satisfied with third. Eighth is Gian Friesecke, twelfth Patrick Schelling and 16th place Lukas Meiler – good job guys!

Jannik Steimle wins on Saturday at the circuit race in Horitschon (AUT)!
After a strong performance yesterday evening, the 21-year-old sprinter won the fast race (47 km / h) ahead of Slovenian Rok Korosec (Mybike Stevens) and compatriot Mirko Pavlic (Team Pro Concrete). Roland Thalmann (5th), Gian Friesecke (7th), Lukas Meiler (12th) and Patrick Schelling (13th) complete an equally strong team appearance!

Roster Team Vorarlberg Santic: Patrick Schelling, Roland Thalmann, Matteo Badilatti, Gian Friesecke, Davide Orrico, Manuel Bosch, Patrick Jäger, Daniel Geismayr, Johannes Hirschbichler, Lukas Meiler, Martin Meiler, Jannik Steimle;

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