Race Around Austria – Team Vorarlberg takes on THE challenge 2021!

We are participating! Next Wednesday Team Vorarlberg starts at the “Race Around Austria” the toughest race in Europe and will face the biggest challenge in 2021!

For the second time after 2020, the UCI professional team takes on the most challenging race of the year.

What exactly is the Race Around Austria?

The RAA is an ultra-cycling race with a rather simple mode: the outer border of Austria is to be completed as quickly as possible in NONSTOP mode during the day and night. Sounds very simple, however, it is the ultimate challenge. And that is exactly why this race called on of the toughest races in Europe! The athletes start in different classes – in shorter distances, in solo, 2-person and 4-person competition! Team Vorarlberg starts in the 4-person team competition for the longest and hardest distance over 2,200 kilometers and 30,000 meters of altitude!


Team line-up – Facts:

Riders for Team Vorarlberg:

Daniel Ganahl (AUT)         Peter Inauen (SUI)*

Nikolas Riegler (AUT)        Maximilian Kuen (AUT)    

*Peter Inauen will start as a guest rider for Team Vorarlberg.


Start and finish location:                 St. Georgen am Attersee (Upper Austria)

Start time:                                                       August 11 at 8 p.m. for Team Vorarlberg

Finish time:                                                   August 14th morning / noon

Route length:                                                2,200 kilometers

Altitude difference:                              30,000 meters

Number of supervisors:                   12 people (3 vehicles)


The plan – tactics – rhythm – nonstop into the night – enduring wind and weather – and staying safe!

  • The four Team Vorarlberg riders split into two teams of 2: Maximilian Kuen with Daniel Ganahl and Nikolas Riegler with Peter Inauen.
  • Each rider duo will ride for about six hours. The other duo will be taken care of by the team camper and can recover six hours until the next switch.
  • There is only one driver on the track at a time. The duo takes turns permanently in a rhythm of 20-30 minutes. The other driver is transferred to the front.
  • This means that each driver must always go to his limit in his interval!
  • The course is not closed, there are no directional markings. The route is fixed and given by the organizer. Riders will have Lezyne GPS devices and lights on their bikes to stay on course.
  • The main navigation is done via tour radio from the pace car to the rider. The pace car will ride directly behind the rider.
  • Bike changes are allowed! When the course is flat in Lower Austria, Burgenland or Carinthia, the riders get to switch to the fast Argon18 time trial bikes. Over the Großglockner, Kühtai, Silvretta, Hochtannbergpass and the other mountain sections, more light weight bikes are ridden.
  • The night is normally meant for sleeping – but not at this race. This is the special challenge for the riders and support staff. Three consecutive nights on the bike lie ahead. Exceptional conditions for the pros and support staff – also in terms of sleep deprivation, as well as catering to the athletes.
  • The big unknown = the weather. 35 degrees in Burgenland. Thunderstorms, cold temperatures and rain in the mountains. Everything is possible.
  • Main focus for everyone: the safety of the riders and support staff – this is the most important factor!

Maximilian Kuen: “I have no clue what really awaits me…I see the RAA as a great adventure and a great experience in extreme terms. I have not done any special training. My goal is to get through the race, with hopefully good weather conditions. In the end, I want to be at the top together with my teammates.”

Daniel Ganahl: “I am really looking forward to this extraordinary race. It will be interesting for me to see how I will deal with this special situation during the RAA, as I have never done anything like this before. It will definitely be a challenge – especially at night, in changing weather conditions and with sleep deprivation.”

Peter Inauen: “I’m looking forward to the RAA adventure. I am insanely excited to take on this challenge together with this great team and the support staff. The challenges will certainly be riding at night, difficult weather conditions and to be able to stay focused after so many hours on the bike. But I’m also always up for a good time, even when things aren’t going so smoothly.”


The goal? Team Manager Thomas Kofler:

“There is another big task waiting for the team. A non-stop race over 2,200 kilometers and 30,000 meters of altitude is also something extraordinary for the Team Vorarlberg riders. In addition to the riders, the support staff is also extremely challenged. There are constant driver changes, navigating, repairing in case of defects during the race – and the fact of the great uncertainty. First and foremost is the safety of the riders. Looking back to last years race, in which one rider had to give up after an accident. Without a top motivated support team in the background, which prepares and navigates everything perfectly, such a race is not possible. so a special THANK YOU goes out to the entire crew, drivers and all people in the background. It’s adventure time!”

THE GOAL: “Of course, we will tackle the operation “course record”. With Daniel Ganahl we have a passionate mountain rider at the start. Maximilian Kuen will complement perfectly as a roller and Nikolas Riegler is an important all-rounder. The Swiss elite rider Peter Inauen makes the team of 4 perfect with his experience in the participation in the Tortour Ultracycling event. We are ready and are looking forward to the Race Around Austria!”



We will keep reporting directly on the course of the race via Facebook and Instagram.

Live Ticker: https://race.perfect-tracking.com/race/raa2021/live

Studio K19 will report live from the race.


Organizer:             https://www.racearoundaustria.at/

Course:                    https://www.racearoundaustria.at/raa/strecke/

Video 2020:         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTawJ6Gs-tw

Nikolas Riegler ©Team_Vorarlberg
Peter Inauen© Inauen privat
Daniel Ganahl© Stiplovsek D.

Maximilian Kuen ©Team_Vorarlberg