Roland Thalmann seventh at Croatia – Slovenia UCI 1.2!

Schelling, Stüssi and Orrico out after a crash in final!

Everything was perfectly prepared for a major attack on the last climb before the finish in Nove Mesto (SLO). Team Vorarlberg Santic dominated the race over 181 kilometers from the start. Roland Thalmann, the strong suisse rider, was able to catch up to four outliers and was 100 kilometers in the group of the day. Although this was provided, but the Cracks from the Vorarlberg Santic Team had prepared everything and were pro active at the front.                                                                             

Crazy – Schelling, Stüssi and Orrico are just cleared away!

Ranked in front on position ten, as it usually crashes in the back, then Patrick Schelling, Colin Stüssi and Davide Orrico are crahed by any riders from behind. Everyone goes to the road and has to let everyone else go. Schelling’s helmet breaks down, but luck in bad luck – all three professionals dont had broken anything (skin abrasions, bruises, …).

Thalmann with strength act still in seventh place!

Although Thalmann was in the lead all day, he still managed to sprint to seventh place. Winner was Marko Kump (SLO/Adria Mobil). Lukas Meiler is 15th, Maximilian Kuen who is 18th. Too bad, because today a podium would have been as fixed as Amen in prayer

Roster Team Vorarlberg Santic: Patrick Schelling, Roland Thalmann, Colin Stüssi, Maximilian Kuen, Davide Orrico, Lukas Meiler;



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