Season start for July is becoming more and more realistic!

“Race around Austria”: Team Vorarlberg Santic in the planning for the toughest race in Europe – it smells of adrenaline and adventure!

Football is already rolling again in Germany and soon also in Austria. National and international realigned calendars are now available for cycling. The UCI World Federation recently presented their calendar. No stone was left here on the other. Numerous existing races from August to October were overrun by mostly higher races. The dates of the World Tour, World Championships and national title fights were clearly prioritized. It will be exciting to see how the real calendar will last from August.

Team Vorarlberg Santic pro-active for calendar planning 2.0:

The largest professional team in Austria is meanwhile very actively in contact with the organizers. The goal: An attractive international racing calendar from August to November. An intense autumn is coming.

Race in Austria from July?

Due to the activities of the Austrian Cycling Association, the first individual time trial competitions may already be taking place in July. An additional incentive for the 17 professionals!

An idea for something really crazy? Team Vorarlberg Santic plans for “RAA” Race around Austria!

As is well known, need makes you inventive. This has prompted management to think about a project that was almost unrealistic without Corona. A start at the hardest race in Europe: “Race around Austria”.

Thomas Kofler – Team Manager: “The principle is very simple to read. As soon as possible to circle NONSTOP at Austria’s external borders. We discussed it internally and see on the one hand a very big challenge, on the other hand an opportunity to try something new. A bit atypical for a UCI team, but we are known for not always swimming with the mainstream. We have a team of 4 on the starting line. Equipped with Lezyne GPS navigation computers and lighting systems, it is wind and weather day and night. The four riders can change as often as they want, use time trial or super light Argon18 and Profile Design bike equipment. All of this requires good planning so that we can reach the finish after 2200 kilometers and 30,000 meters in altitude – it will be a tough challenge! ”


Start:                    Wednesday August 12th (St. Georgen / Attergau)

Finish:                  Saturday August 15th (St. Georgen / Attergau)

Distance:             2200 kilometers – non-stop – in single time trial mode

Elevation gain: 30 000

Michael Nussbaumer – OK Head of RAA: “It goes without saying that we give the UCI Elite teams the unique opportunity to take part in the Race Around Austria in this exceptional year. We also wanted to make a contribution to cycling and help the teams to get through this difficult time with their own elite rating. With the Vorarlberg Santic team, we are virtually opening a new chapter in the twelve-year history of racing: We now have the first Continental team at our start and we are really happy about that! ”


Route map: