Second place at the 60th Cherry Blossom Race in Wels after a great day from Matthias Reutimann!

Team Vorarlberg pro Matthias Reutimann in second place at Kirschblütenrennen in Wels after a show of force!


For the first time in the cockpit of the race car today Maximilian Kuen. The 29-year-old Austrian, who sat the last three years in the Team Vorarlberg dress firmly in the saddle, swapped this year with the steering wheel of the escort car. And he did so with flying colors – and it was to be his first podium in the first race.


Matthias Reutimann with a mighty act!

In cold temperatures, a varied cherry blossom race developed over 171 kilometers. Reutimann was successfully placed in the eight-man leading group. Numerically one was clearly inferior also today due to Corona illnesses, as well as the injuries (Thalmann, Rüegg). Five Team Vorarlberg at the start. Guerin, who came directly from the Circuit des Ardennes, had to end the race early. Too short the recovery time after the exertions of the last days.


TOP! Rank two of Reutimann at the anniversary race in Wels – Amann Dominik and Ricci Zoidl also strong!

On the attack of Kepplinger (Hrinkow advarics), Matthias Reutimann counters from the chasing group. The Swiss can catch up 15 kilometers before the finish. In the long finish sprint, the Swiss, who recently recovered from Corona disease, was inferior to the strong Austrian. With second place, the very small contingent has achieved the maximum after a difficult week.

Especially strong was the young Dominik Amann, who did a great job again today. As well as Ricci Zoidl, who attacked again and again, but you don’t let a Zoidl away so easily.



Line-up Bundesliga race Wels: RiTeam Vorarlberg pro Matthiasccardo Zoidl, Dominik Amann, Nikolas Riegler, Matthias Reutimann, Alexis Guerin;