Strong start in road cycling League Austria with third place from Antoine Berlin – Colin Stüssi winner of the combination ranking!

Antoine Berlin third at the opening of the road cycling League Austria – Team Vorarlberg strong and active – Colin Stüssi wins combinative classification!


Traditionally already the start in Leonding on Upper Austrian soil. All Austrian teams could start almost in their best line-up for the race over 153 kilometers (six big / four small laps). In addition international starters in dry weather. Unfortunately not at the start due to an infect the German Jon Knolle and Pirmin Benz.


It was the fastest race ever in Leonding (43,2 Km/h). Significant contribution to this, the hard driving of Team Vorarlberg. In the first leading group immediately with Lukas Rüegg and Lukas Meiler two Vorarlberg pro`s. After catching them, Colin Stüssi attacks on the short final laps. It looks good for a long time. Just before the last lap the catching up. Then Moran Vermeulen makes his way solo towards the finish. He is also caught.


Berlin in the sprint on third place – Colin Stüssi winner of the combined classification

Four men break away shortly on the finish and come through. The sprint is won by Italian Riccarda Verza (Hrinkow Adavrics) ahead of Riccardo Zoidl (AUT / Felbermayr-Wels), just ahead of Antoine Berlin (MON). In sixth place Moran Vermeulen. A total of four riders in the top 16 with Oscar Cabedo (14th) and Colin Stüssi (16th). The latter wins the classification of the most active rider of today’s race.





Moran Vermeulen, Lukas Meiler, Dominik Amann, Laurin Nenning, Linus Stari, Colin Stüssi, Peter Inauen, Oscar Cabedo, Antoine Berlin, Lukas Rüegg, Nikolas Riegler;