Team Vorarlberg Santic continues with nine riders for next season!

Team Vorarlberg Santic is working on the new Team for 2020 – nine riders stay with the Team, Linus Stari (AUT) gives his professional Debut!

Nine riders from the past successful year are extending their contracts for 2020. Above all, the top performers around Roland Thalmann (SUI), Colin Stüssi (SUI), Lukas Meiler (GER), Davide Orrico (ITA), Maximilian Kuen and Daniel Geismayr (both AUT).

They will continue to receive full support from two-time MTB Eliminator World Champion Daniel Federspiel (AUT), as well as youngsters Dominik Amann (AUT) and Martin Meiler (GER).

New on board is the young and strong climber Linus Stari (21/AUT). Especially in the past year he showed himself very strong in cycling marathons and could ride there with the best over the mountains. He is happy to be part of the team, and to learn a lot from the pros in his own ranks!

Roland Thalmann: “In the 2020 season, I want to play an important role as a performer in the heavy and big races. I am happy to be able to celebrate together with the existing as well as new riders together and again as a team! ”

Colin Stüssi’s tenor on next year: “I am convinced that we can continue this season after this successful year, and we would like to take another step forward in terms of performance.”

Ten riders are thus fixed for the upcoming season. In the coming days, more signatures will be added to new riders contracts, which we will inform you about.


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