Team Vorarlberg Santic Cracks the Kings of the Attersee!

Superior victory in today’s team time trial!

It should be a start goal victory today! In the 47-kilometer race, the Austrian Equipe clearly dominate this competition on their super-fast Argon18 Bikes and Profile Design wheels. That this very tough discipline lies with the riders was already shown last year’s World Championships in Innsbruck with their strong performance!

With an average speed of 51.4 kilometers and a journey time of 55min 7sec, Schelling, Meiler, Kuen, Orrico, Thalmann and Stüssi win in front of Team Hrinkow Advarics (+ 40sec) and Maloja Pushbikers (+ 1min 2sec).

New Leader in the Austrian Ranking – Team Vorarlberg Santic the measure of things in Austrian cycling 2019!

Each of the last three National league races was raced in a strong formation and won every team classification. As a result, the team was able to make up for the zero result and take the lead in the interim rankings before the final race in early October. Just behind the Team Vorarlberg Santic the Pushbikers from Maloja from Graz.

Squad Team Vorarlberg Santic: Patrick Schelling, Roland Thalmann, Colin Stüssi, Maximilian Kuen, Davide Orrico, Lukas Meiler


Intermediate Austrian National League 2019:


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